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convo [30 Jun 2005|11:40pm]
blinky is me, other sn has been erased for his protection

Blinky46399: shrinkage
Blinky46399: how come guys shrink nd girls grow when cold?
: dunno
Blinky46399: good question,right?
: yea
Blinky46399: nd, if so,how come if its hot out,guys dun grow nd girls dun shrink
: i dunno
: lol
Blinky46399: hmm..these thoughts puzzle me
Love the Munkey

meh [30 Jun 2005|11:31pm]
ok..ummm...lets see. i have a job now. i work at keyfood...the guy didnt even look at my application really...he just said i was hired. friends r tellin me its cuz of my boobs. today i registered for college. john jay..w00t. i get out early (b4 11) every day cept friday...so feel free 2 pick me up ^.^. LoL..yea. im really fukin tired. im not lookin forward to evil summer school..cuz..it sucks. who wants 2 go 2 summer school? i already know im never guna b able 2 hang out cuz ill b working or in school. kill meh now. by the end of the summer, i will have no energy. amazing how no1 on aim talks..not that im talking cuz im doing this...o well...i start a diet 2morrow. i call it the no food diet. im only guna eat 1 a day...sooo if u c me,stop me from eatinggg. thank uuuu.
Love the Munkey

[30 May 2005|02:19am]
fuuuuck. i hate walking...especailly if ur chasing someone trying to prevent them from doing something completely idiotic. now i cant sleep...my brother is snoring, the kittys are playing...and i am wide awake. i cant believe school is almost over. i look at myself , freinds, nd family nd think...fuk..what happened to being 12 and just hanging out at the park...now their is always drama...ppl are to emotional. if no one had any emotions, the world would be a better place....ugh. i will HOPEFULLY hang out w/ jen nd tattie 2morrow. do something fun..im thinkin ddr, get a new piercing, nd possibly city. buuut, knowing me, plans will break nd ill end up sitting on my ass at mikes house. ::sigh:: o well..


nd now i smile again
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[24 May 2005|11:10pm]
its weird how things change..how people change. its depressing. people that you use to hang out with..just disappear over time. ppl change into someone completely different...i hate it. i hate things changing. i hate knowing that everything i know now is going to one day change..people i trust completely will one day be gone...it cant b stopped. its happened many times...nd everytime it fucks me up more and more. i want to just rewind my life..and not allow these people to leave. i hate everything.
Love the Munkey

i hugged a wolf!!! [23 May 2005|06:44am]
it was great. this weekend i went 2 sunny hills w/ mike nd his family. the owner has a pet wolf!!! 90% timber wolf!!! she had the personality of my dog hogan, thickness of lyla, nd height of big head!!! she was sooo sweet tho, she let me hug her nd pet her. i want a pet wolf :'(. also...at the place...i rode a tank!!! WHAAAT?!?! o yea, a tank. also their was free hot dogs nd beer night, marde gras night, the poooool w/ the slides, maaaad play grounds, paddle boats, row boats, golf(i suck at golf soooo muck), nd bands(not good ones, like lil kid stuff..they sang the hokey pokey). which reminds me..i was fighting w/ mike, nd sitting where the band was..nd the guy came up 2 me, on one knee, nd started singing...i was told i was turned bright red...mike took a pic...i wana go again this summer. it was soooo fukin pretty. right by the catskill mountains...nd they have everything(cept ddr...i put that in the suggestion box :P). well..now i have 2 go bak 2 school..bak on the same old routine...kill meh.
Love the Munkey

kitttyyy [15 May 2005|11:19pm]
she came back. YaaaaaaaaaaaaY!!! ::does happy dance:: she lost alot of weight tho..nd tux nd shady keep hissing at her...(no, it is not an impersinator, it is my kitty kitty!!!). in other news..its gotten really hot out!!! im guna cry, i cant take extreme heat..i get cranky...like..really bad. lets put it this way ariana + heat + no medz = super insane asshole bitch. i m nooot looking forward to school 2morrow...dun wana go. o well. goin 2 mikes famiy reunion this weekend..i get to drive a golf cart..o joy(sarcasim). it has the possibilty of being fun tho..nd..their is AIR CONDITIONER!!! YaY. ok, im guna go pass out now. night night.
Love the Munkey

[11 May 2005|10:51pm]
uggh, i have 2 wake up at 6 nowwww..ugh. new kid in school lives WAAAY out there, nd i gettin picked up nd then him. suckyness....i also get home later cuz we gotta drop him off. jordan is lucky hes nice, or id have 2 castrate him,LoL. in happier news, JAMES ND JACKIE!! w00t. u go guyz ;). hollllerrrr. other jackie(not from school) visited me at school!!! i was walkin the track, nd then BOOM, she appears. mad chill,LoL. after school, i went 2 mikes. watched tv, the usual. then went 2 walk home, nd saw charlie hangin out a window(it was pieres house). hung out there for a lil..fun fun. now im home, just took a shower. ooo, my mom got me perty purple lip gloss nd this garter thingy that says 2005...i wana cut off the 2005 nd make it a necklace..but my mom screamed at me when i grabbed the scissors :X. o well...i also got report card. i passed everything, can u believe it??? w00t, nd now im on my parents good side..ooo yea :).
ps- kitty kitty is still missing...so please..ne info..tell meh
Love the Munkey

ugh [10 May 2005|10:56pm]
everything is different. if i looked at myself a year ago from today, i was alot different. i had different friends, different thoughts...sucks how time changes everything. people change things to. for some reason, i cant stop thinking about the past..and its really depressing. i wish i could just accept things the way they are and move on..but i cant. its one of those things that sucks major ass, but cant b changed...:(
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w00t [07 May 2005|04:58pm]
yesterday i went 2 the village w/ my mom nd sis 2 get a dress 4 prom. i got this sexayness purple nd black. my boobs look HUGE...its great. ill take pics nd put em on me myspace. then i went 2 mikes nd got drunk. 5 mikes hard lemonades...mmm. i talked 2 jen, nd i suppose 2 call her at 6 nd chiiiilll. i wana get a piercing or tattoo...i need a job..nd 2 b 18..LoL. i think im getting asthma 2..from smoking..ugh. its hard 2 breath sumtimes...not fun. mayb im just sick, cuz i spitin up yellow crap(attractive,eh?).2morrow i gotta do a report for stress mng. im doing how music effects ur mood..mikhail is guna bring in some cds, nd it guna b coooool. well, now i have 2 clean the litter box, nd then take a shower. thas all for now i guess.
ps- watching my sis trying on clothes from vaudville was histerical
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[03 May 2005|01:02pm]
stayed home from school 2day...i needed 2 sleep. i culdnt fall asleep last night nor the night b4..so i needed 2 stay home nd sleep. yesterday sucked. at lunch i wasnt feeling good..so jackie put a water bottle on my head, nd sum asshole slapped it off my head. jackie was screaming at him, james got up nd screamed, i got up...it was bad. the guy was such n asshole, he said we were being annoying nd stupid, nd then after security guards came over he said "sorry white ppl." grrr...i hateeee ppl. im bored...thas pretty much it.
Love the Munkey

hmmm [27 Apr 2005|11:29pm]
my mom made me go home early. she said we need 2 talk,meaning im in trouble. turns out, she "accidently" read my myspace, nd now i have 2 go up on my medz cuz she thinks im guna go crazy. ugh...o well. 2day sucked assss...i did math...watched tv...went 2 mikes. charlie did his fake cryingness, which even though i knew it was fake, made me sad. i realized 2 day that i hate cars..like...alot. i duno y, but i always fear crashing...mayb thas the way im guna die or sumthing cuz everytime im in a car i get a really bad feeling. 2morrow im guna pick christina up from school(nd if i c jess, i shall kik her assssss). my mom is making me go shopping for a prom dress this weekend..(end my misery nd slit my throat!!). i realllly dont wana go..id rather her just give me a ton of money nd let me go 2 the village..but she says im her last hope..nd i have 2 go. haha..she even thinks its a privelage 2 let me wear black 2 it...haha. i dun dance, mind u...so i guess ill just get drunk nd then go..haha..i b drunkeness nd puke all over the ppl there..YEA!!! its a plan...MWAHAHAHAHA...hehe..he...makin me smile already. wicked is getting really good..i love this book..one of those books that actually makes me wish it doesnt end....i dont like 2 read unless the book is extremely interesting..nd wicked is..i highly advise u read it :). im guna watch lady death now...THANX JACKIE FOR LENDIN IT 2 ME !!!! U RULE ALLL!!!
Love the Munkey

stab meh [27 Apr 2005|12:26am]
2day i went 2 bayterrace nd got a book on vampires...im obsessed...then went 2 dinner w/ jackie nd mike..went back 2 mikes nd watched eternal sunshine of the spotless mind(one of my fav movies..watch it nd b educated). im sick of ppl not taking me seriously ...but w.e....i feel kinda..i duno. im really depressed for no reason what so ever. like, emptyness. one minute ill b happy nd hyper, the next empty nd depressed. grr emotions, so pointless nd irratating...
in other ,less mind puzzling news...i went 2 pa on friday in which torture was endured. i went w/ my moms friend patricia who wuld take me up their since i was like 10. we went 2 movies, nd then they made me go 2 church. grr...i hate church. no1 likes church, even the really religious ppl..u can tell. church is a way ppl try nd buy a place into heaven w/ donations nd prayers. its sad...ugh. i dun wana b in school nemore...i just wana sleep...just sleep, watch tv, drink...it wuld b great. cant wait till i graduate. ok..enough ranting...
Love the Munkey

2day [19 Apr 2005|02:00pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

i didnt go 2 school..cuz i didnt want 2. 2morrows my great aunts funeral nd yesterday was her wake. it scared the crap outa me. seeing her, she looked like she was sleeping, except u culdnt see her chest move...because it wasnt going to. i thought alot when i was walkin 2 mikes from the funeral place...i thought how every1 i know is one day going to die..how one day im guna see my mom and my dad "sleeping" in a coffin. it scares me..i don't want to loose anyone...it makes no sense...u live and make connections with people even though u know in the end the connection is not going to last forever...i hate thoughts like this. i wondered what its like to die...i believe that nothing happens when u die...u just die and thats it..mayb thats y im so scared...bcuz i think death IS the end of everything..soon every1 will b bak 2 normal...no1 will b crying and they wont think about death..and when everything is fine, someone else will die. death is torture.

Love the Munkey

[10 Apr 2005|01:38am]
whheee. i saw sin city on friday. awesome..fukin..movie. go c it, nd dun gimme the "i dont like black nd white" bs..cuz its not all black nd white nd its really reaaaaally graphic. nd theirs alota hott girls in it ^.^. 2day..or...saturday...i went 2 the zoo w/ eri, mike, nd his parents. i saw tigers ^.^. BOW BEFORE THE MIGHTY TIGERS!!! eri took pics..including my boobs,LoL. my legs r now killing me...dont wear boots to the zoo...the end result is painful. ive been thinking alot about stuff..nd its causing brain 2 hurt...i hate being confused...i was suppose 2 get drunk 2night, but got lost bringing eri home..soooo 2morrow ill have 2 get shit faced :). thaas pretty much it.
Love the Munkey

i died [31 Mar 2005|10:23am]
wow..weird dream that i didnt want to end occured last night. i dreamt that i died. i was run over by a car nd sent to pergatory. it looked really redish, but like regular world..cept less crowded. then my sister appeared, she was shot. and then my brother appeared and he didnt know what happened. we talked to some guy and he said we needed to get jobs and make $12,000. the goal - buy our way into heaven. it was crazy. my mom came and visited us, and would try and give us money, but then the guy said she would be damned if she didnt stop coming to visit. so i had to tell her to leave us alone. crazy shit happened. like, this guy was goin around trying to convince us to revolt and just break into heaven. it was weird, and when my alarm clock went off i got sooo pissed...i wanted 2 see what was going to happen next. craaaazy shit.
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kill [30 Mar 2005|10:37am]
people irratate me to the point i wana stab them. the looks that ppl give that say im superior to you make me wana just..tackle them and beat them with a stick. why are people so...ugh...i cant even find a word to describe them. i need to get drunk this weekend. get drunk, get a piercing, go to the city, and ignore the idiotic tendencies most people do. i want yoo-hoo now... grr. also..i have apc stuck in my head. ya ever get a song stuck in ur head that makes u just wana punch someone or something as hard as u can??? i hate/ love that feeling. hate it cuz i wont punch someone(as much as i want to anyways) nd love it cuz its adrenalin and thats fuuun.
Love the Munkey

dying [27 Mar 2005|09:07pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

ugh!!! i was in the hospital thursday. i got home from school and i couldnt stop coughing. i was over the toilet coughing, thinking that eventually my lung was gunna come out of my mouth!!! my mom said stop it,like i was doin it 2 piss her off. then i went 2 sleep. when i woke up i was sweating ballls. i couldnt move either. the cats were laying on me nd it felt like they were 100 lbs each. i was crying and my tears burned my face. i was yellin for help, but my voice was low and weak so no one could hear me. the cats finally got off and i walked upstairs(almost falling down like 10 times). i told my mom nd she took my temp. i was 105 degrees...seriously. i went 2 the hospital and they made me drink 3 cups of nasty shit for a cat scan. the cat scan stuff made me hotter and tasted like i had pennys in my mouth. i kept falling asleep..and they had n iv in me(iv's suck..they said i was a good patient tho cuz i didnt move when they stuck it in me...im use 2 it...). i got home at like 4 in the morning. i have an amonia. i guna try 2 quit smoking...but i want a cigg soooo bad..i havent had one in 4 dayssss. i didnt get to do nething this weekened cuz i was so sick. i hate being sick..y m i allllways getting sick??? its rediculous...i guess the peircing i was guna get this weekend will have 2 wait. -END-

Love the Munkey

kill meh [21 Mar 2005|06:30am]
ok...saturday sucked ass. went to get a piercing..and the new tattoo place is way overpriced..$40 for each conch..fuk that man. at mikes moms bday...their were these irratating lil kids. i dont mean to sound like a bitch..but i despise lil kids with all my heart. they are evil!!! PURE EVIL!!! these lil girls beat the shit outa my bf, im not kidding!!! they stomped on his head and gave his lip bleed!!! and the mom was like...stop playin kids. shit meng, they are evil!!! as soon as im 18,im gettin my tubes tied. i have no patience for kids. i am zero tollerance on the subject of having kids...and yesterday nothin much happened..this is pretty much it. i was in a real bad mood from the evil kids..now im just writting all this cuz i cant sleep and i need 2 go 2 school...YaY insomnia!!!
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smonk? [16 Mar 2005|10:20am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

gum is good..i like gum...orbit gum is godly. YaY eri for giving me not one..but TWO pieces ::glee::. i actually did math hw..GASP!!! does this mean i am turning over a new leaf and will be more active in my school work?!?!...highly doubtful..computer class is only good because i can do this with the teacher standing righhhht behind me..YaY teachers who dont give a fuck!!! hoping to somehow get my mom to give me money...i need ciggs and i wana go out...go shoppppping...the village, yea biatch. the strength of the puppy eyes shall b tested when i get home..

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dead [15 Mar 2005|10:26am]
[ mood | sick ]

im sick..ugh..nausea...i wana puke on my teacher...shes making us do some stupid thingy...grrr...DAMN STUPID THINGYS!!! i might have convinced my mom to let my dye my hair...colors are limited tho..."no blue, no black...no freaky stuff!!!" im also guna get a haircut...as seen in the picture...but shorter..and get new antenas(the 2 pieces of hair hangin longer in the front). wow..that is a really bad pic...boo drunken pictures!!! im guna attempt to go home sick..even tho its my moms bday(i 4got 2 get her nething nd have no idea how old she is..im a bad daughter..). i also wana go home and eat leftovers..YaY leftovers...

Love the Munkey

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